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Falaj Al Qabail Station

The Falaj Al Qabail station is considered as the first renewable energy plant outside the governorate of Muscat. The plant is located in an active strategic location in the state of Sohar.

Nafath has worked hard to design and install a highly efficient system suitable for the state’s weather and needs. It began operating in April 2019 with 108 cells, and with a high production capacity of 36,000 kilowatt per hour, in order to meet the needs of the station in its vital location. It is expected that the electricity produced from clean energy will exceed the consumption of the station, to be invested in the areas near the station.

  • Area: 216 square meters
  • Type: Commercial
  • Deliver: April 2019
  • Production capacity: 36000 kilowatts
  • PV panel number: 108 cells
  • Falaj Al Qabail – Sohar