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About Us

Nafath Renewable Energy is an independent Omani company established in 2013

We take the lead in the field of sustainable energy and work on studying, designing, installing, operating and maintaining renewable energy plants, managing energy resources, improving efficiency and conducting feasibility studies, energy audits in addition to providing full consultations related to the sector.

Our deep belief and a great sense of responsibility to preserve the energy for future generations is the fuel that drives us. Also, our understanding of what fits our Omani environment is the key to ensure getting the appropriate solution to your problem and thus obtaining sustainable green energy at a low cost.

8 years of work enabled us to have extensive experience, deep understanding and high technical quality in the solar energy sector in particular and renewable energy in general. In addition to obtaining the necessary engineering needs in full accordance with our Omani environment. During the last three years we were able to produce energy exceeding 3 megawatts using solar energy systems.

Our strong and productive relationships with our partners in the supply of equipment and tools for the sector from various countries of the world help us guarantee you a sustainable, environmentally-friendly station in the production of your need for electricity at a low cost.

Our Vision

Nafath to become a leading global company in the field of renewable energy, clean technologies and sustainable development in the Middle East, and to be independent in energy production through the most efficient solar solutions.

Our Mission

Providing solar energy solutions is a right for all for a green and sustainable ecosystem.

Our Goal

The customer gets a power system from a renewable, clean, environmentally friendly source, with high quality, efficiency, and sustainable effectiveness at a low cost.