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Pumps, Water Channels and Desalination Plants

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries that has a striking beauty that combines desert, mountains, and sea in a natural and far-reaching sequence made by the Creator. It is also a country with a large area and its sprawling villages; some are remote and difficult to reach or deliver the necessary services in them, especially electricity and water.

Therefore, the process of pumping water using solar energy is one of the most successful alternative methods of this type of exceptional circumstance due to the ease of installation and the low operational cost and high efficiency that it provides. Compared to using diesel to run the engines, thus increasing the rate of carbon emissions that harm our planet. The viability of solar cells reaches many years exceeding fifteen years. Depending on the type of cells used and the method of their installation which ensures the safety and sustainability of the resources used compared to paying the costs of delivering electricity and waiting for the procedures until the power is connected to that region.

contribute to the shift towards clean energy production in areas far from residential communities
  • Area: 66 square meters
  • Type: Residential
  • Deliver: March 2018
  • Production capacity: 14 Kilowatts
  • PV panel number: 33 cells
  • Al- Awifiya - Ibri

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