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Company Culture

Committed to our values ... maintaining our principles towards sustainable energy orientation

At Nafath, our passion leads us to continue working professionally to achieve the highest levels of quality work to the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, our values are based on ...


    • We realize that one mind does not produce a great idea on its own and that multiple successes are only achieved through a combination of efforts and entities. And because excellence is linked to the selection of specialists, we work in the same way closely with our suppliers, customers and colleagues at the regional and global levels to exchange knowledge and skills.

We seek to spread a culture of relying on clean energy by contributing to the development of renewable energy research, creating new solutions, and exchanging knowledge and experiences with those interested in the sector.

We believe in the importance of preserving our Omani environment by sustaining the natural resources for future generations, through relying on renewable sources, and reducing the excessive dependence on the use of depleted resources for energy production, causing carbon emissions and global warming.

We pledge to abide by the laws enforced in the Sultanate, with sincerity and responsibility towards our stakeholders to achieve our common goals and gain customer confidence through the quality of the work presented.

Our ability to accomplish tasks according to consistent high ethical standards and working by adopting honesty, integrity, respect, and safety.

Accountability and responsibility
We realize that we are responsible for what we do and our role is imperative to help you reach your goal with our expertise in the field for your benefit, and the development of the Sultanate in the field of renewable energy.


  • Quality
    We work with clear frameworks, thoughtful steps, and systematic mechanisms in all our projects.