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Serving the Community

Upgrading our community for the better

Believing that Oman, our precious land, and its people are an integral part of us and our future. We are keen on serving the community by building national competencies and empowering them through successive time stages with the tools and knowledge we possess, and this is evidenced by the following:

Employment and training

The company’s methodology is based on attracting Omani talents from various higher education outputs, where we have provided many job vacancies commensurate with the needs of the market. In addition, to training more than 20 graduates who were job seekers during the year, encouraging our young people to engage in the energy sector more and learn more about it through our multiple programs. During the next five years, we aim to create 100 new jobs.


Mustadeem initiative for university and college students

This initiative is part of the BP Oman social investment program designed and implemented by Nafath. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of using energy derived from natural resources. Also, to enhance interest in it in light of the world’s trends in general and the Sultanate in particular towards the energy sector and motivate those students to start their projects in this sector. The initiative targeted university and college students across the Sultanate.

The first edition of Mustadeem initiative was launched in 2016, where it achieved its desired goals for the target group, which encouraged us to introduce it for the second year in 2017, then the third version followed in 2018.

The number of beneficiaries of the Mustadeem initiative reached 475 students and 14 academics. The initiative was presented in 12 academic institutions from universities and educational and vocational institutes.

Solar Initiative for School Student

“Soler” initiative was launched in cooperation with the Oman Oil Marketing Company to build mobile solar science laboratories. The initiative aims to educate students across the Sultanate and increase their awareness about the benefits of sustainable solar energy, ease of use and low cost. The initiative is considered to be a pioneering interactive scientific program to enhance the culture of innovation In clean energy. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we were able to ensure that more than 500 students from various schools in Muscat Governorate, North and South Al Batinah governorates, and Al Sharqiyah South Governorate participated with us in the mobile laboratories to learn about solar energy technology and its multiple uses to enlighten these emerging minds of a promising future sector Of the Sultanate.

Al Roya for youth initiatives

An agreement was signed between Nafath Renewable Energy Company and Al Roya newspaper for the provision of a unique training program for job seekers and new graduates in the field of renewable energy and electricity to qualify them to enter the labor market. In addition to providing facilities for them to obtain a license to practice professions related to the electricity and renewable energy sector. Consequently, empowering Omani youth in this promising sector that is expected to have a growing demand for it in the coming years.

Partnership with Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)

Nafath has signed a partnership with SQU to annually support four graduation projects for university students financially and with knowledge. Also, to propose project ideas based on the needs of the renewable energy market and providing solutions to the existing problems in the sector to ensure the continuity of the projects and its transformation into private companies after completing their academic career.

Design and installation of solar energy systems seminar

We trust the youthful energies and realize the extent of their thirst for knowledge. Therefore, we seek to qualify them and equip them with specialized technical knowledge. This seminar targeted job seekers from electrical engineering majors in addition to the participants obtaining an accredited certificate by the Distribution Code Review Panel to support their educational and professional career in the field electricity and sustainable energy systems.

Investing in Renewable Energy Forum

We realize that our passion in the field of clean energy and our love for our country makes it imperative that we develop the energy sector derived from natural resources in Oman. And create an integrated community familiar with the mechanism of work in solar energy and the cooperating parties in the field from all sectors. So, we started a forum for energy investment that brought together representatives from private sector companies, government institutions, and security agencies. In addition to the presence of a group of academics, investors, and financiers, to discuss the most prominent opportunities and ideas for projects in the field of alternative energy, and to review some of the laws and legislative regulations developed in the field.