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Our Projects

Your trust is a source of pride for our impressive accomplishments

We have carried out many vital projects with a qualitative strategic environmental and economic dimension, and we have more innovative projects in the coming time.

Quotes on Natural Resources Energy

Our resources are abundant, and it is necessary to invest in them to advance our development.

Our beloved Oman is replete with good, and its resources are the property of its proud people. If oil revenues are the main source of our income at the present time, we realize that we have other abundant resources that must be invested to push the wheel of development at the speed that we hope for this country.

[From the TV broadcasted speech of The Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – God rest his soul 26/11/1975].

Renewable energies are a mean of spreading more justice in the world between the rich and the poor. They are not limited to those who live today, so the maximum use of the sun and wind today will not reduce the opportunities for future generations. Rather, on the contrary, when we rely on renewable energy, we will make the future of our children and grandchildren safer.
German Environment Minister, Sigmar Gabriel

It may seem that there is a contradiction in the matter, and I say that the real contradiction is with ourselves and with time, if we do not think from now on energy alternatives, and that while we have energy sufficiency beyond the year 2000, we must prepare from now on for the post Petroleum, and we must have other sources to benefit from in the future.
Fahd bin Huraib Director of the solar energy project in Saudi Arabia

The sun’s rays will be more valuable than oil, it is a bet for the future of renewable energy … and the foundations of the Sultanate give it leadership.
Abdullah Al Saidi, CEO of Nafath Renewable Energy