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Have you ever pledged the Green Pact to our mother planet? Or do you suffer from the cost of electrical bills?

Do you own a farm far from residential areas and want to make lighting and an electric pump to extract water and the cost of delivering electricity to it is high? Or maybe if you were simply looking for electrical energy from renewable and natural resources that the Creator blessed upon us? Your opportunity is reserved to have affordable sustainable energy solutions for your home / farm and / or perhaps the land that you own. Be part of the shift to clean solutions today so that your children live in a better environment.
Do you have a farm? Your own project which requires the use of water pumps?
The number of houses that we provided with solar cells reached about 30 houses. Will your next home be the environmentally friendly home?
  • Area: 60 square meters
  • Type: Residential
  • Deliver: May 2020
  • Production capacity: 10-20 Kilowatts
  • Cells number: 30 cells
  • 30 houses in different areas of Oman

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