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The strategic leadership of some companies is nowadays oriented to the need for action towards the environmental sustainability of the planet, believing in the importance of preserving it for future generations and this is consistent with our strategic values and our higher mission. These companies adopt investing in car parking shades by installing electricity-generating canopies using photovoltaic panels, to cool and shade the cars. In addition to their role in generating electric energy from the sun (a clean and sustainable source of energy) in line with the distinctive atmosphere of the Sultanate throughout the year.

This step is environmentally friendly, and there is no doubt that it contributes to reducing the use of depleted energy sources to generate electricity and replace it with a clean and sustainable source, and to produce annual megawatts of electricity without wasting additional spaces to install cells. Here we present our most prominent projects:

A message from Shell Oman to pay attention to the solar energy that Oman abounds in
  • Area: 806 square meters
  • Type: Commercial
  • Deliver: May 2019
  • Production capacity: 135 Kilowatts
  • PV panel number: 403 cells
  • Al Ansab – Bausher
A project that combines economic, environmental and scientific benefits that will be used for the purpose of study and research
  • Area: 502 square meters
  • Type: Comnmercial
  • Deliver: July 2018
  • Production capacity: 84 Kilowatts
  • PV panel number: 251 cells
  • Sultan Qaboos University – Engineering College

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